Below are a selection of videos showcasing The SEN Barber and some of the many success stories of people overcoming their fears of the barbers and enjoying their time in the barber's chair. The SEN Barber's'Chair!!! Trust the process. 


The old Barber Cave had well a truly served its purpose in getting The SEN Barber established. But it was time for a revamp . Time for something more tranquil....And I think tranquil I think churches and chapels...So, after many late evenings and weekends The Chapel is open for business and just in time to see in 2022. I hope clients, both old and new, love it as much as I do. 

Kids' Cuts

Cutting Charlie's hair was the perfect way to end 2021....All the stress, anxiety and fear has totally gone from Charlie, allowing me to cut his hair with regular barbering equipment. By far the biggest success for The SEN Barber since it began in April 2021. 

Charlie's first visit to the SEN Barber was far from straightforward. Charlie's mum had struggled to get Charlie to a traditional barbershop, with him becoming overly anxious with the noise, sounds and equipment. Charlie brought all those anxieties to my studio, but over the course of 3 visits we went from Charlie spending his time with his forehead on his knees to him laughing and joking in the chair during a trim. Visits are now a breeze.

Mobile Visits

I spend quite a lot of time in people's kitchens....Maybe it's the comfort of the memories, maybe it's the light....My aim is to make my clients as comfortable as possible. If that means cutting hair in a kitchen and the cmfort of their own home, then that's fine with me.  I have one young client who likes to sit on their stairs. The client comes first.  Whatever it takes.

Young Adults

There is little that is more satisfying than preparing a young man with SEN or Autism who is ready to step out into the world of work. Helping that client to look their absolute best is an honour. Andrew, due to his Autism, likes a particular set up when he is getting a hair cut...A film, classical music and low light...Something that would be impossible in a regular barbershop when you have other clients to consider. 

Alfie's Transformation

The SEN Barber was called into action by Alfie's mum to sort out his hair that had become matted and knotted after a year of not being cut. Given the condition of the hair, I decided to cut off around 6 inches and gradually combed out the final knots and snags. Again, this is why I set up The SEN Barber. Alfie has always struggled at the barbers and mum was close to giving up trying to get his Barnet cut before she found The SEN Barber. For a young man who was scared of scissors and clippers, by the end of the hour we had used both, setting Alfie up nicely for his next visit.  Job done!!!

Hard Part, Party Hard.

Cyrus got back in The SEN Barber's chair to lock in his regular traditional pompadour style cut with a hard parting. Classic & cool!