On Alfie's first visit he couldn't make eye contact, took over half an hour to utter his first word and sat in the corner with his hood up. On only his SECOND visit Alfie was first through the door and was laughing and joking throughout his cut. This would have been UNTHINKABLE, due to Alfie's Autism, in a regular barber shop. An absolutely amazing transformation. This is the face that someone should be making when they get their hair cut...Not afraid....Not anxious...This face.

Harry, in his mum's own words, has always suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety. Mum has always cut Harry's hair, as his low confidence has always meant that a trip to the barber shop has been an unsettling experience. Mum called The SEN Barber to give Harry a haircut and beard shape-up to boost his confidence. He now stands tall & proud. 

Joshua's parents reached out to the SEN Barber as Joshua had now become quite physically strong and holding him down to cut his hair was becoming more difficult. Part of the SEN Barber ethos to get your child in a place where they do not need to be held down or restrain them. It took a while, but by the end of the appointment Joshua's golden locks were well and truly subdued. 

Jawaad has a barber shop less that 100 yards from his house yet, due to his Autism, he rarely ever uses it. Jawaad's hair had not been cut for 4 months until he contacted the SEN Barber. Making the most of a mobile visit, meaning we could totally control the environment, Jawaad enjoyed a cut that was well needed. 


Cutting DJ's hair is a great example of 'the process'. DJ is no where near ready to visit the Barber Cave. So, a monthly mobile visit takes place. While I'm earning DJ's trust, haircuts currently take place on the stair. Obviously this is far from ideal, but it is what is necessary and I will go to any lengths to accommodate my clients. I have followed children around my garden going from sandbox to chickens and back to the Barber Cave. This is a bespoke service and it's all about the clients and their needs. 

Anything a big brother can do, a little brother can do too. After the amazing journey his older brother  Charlie has made, it was now Ben's turn to visit the SEN Barber. Charlie,  now happily sitting for cuts using clippers and regular scissors, was now the one giving Ben lots of encouragement in order to help him settle for his trim. 




Justin made the most of the Special Education Need staff discount. 




Little Lucas dropped by the Barber Cave to get himself a trim. Being in a wheelchair and having Cerebral Palsy means that a trip to a traditional barbershop is a massive undertaking for Lucas' parents. The SEN Barber offers the time, patience and know how required to meet Lucas' needs. 



Kamari dropped by the Barber Cave to get himself a post summer holiday's fade. Mum has always struggled to to get Kamari's hair cut in a traditional barbershop, so got in touch and has never looked back. 

Over 40 fans have been collected and donated to the Starlight Neonatal Unit at Barnet Hospital through the SEN Barber Fan-King the NHS Campaign.



People often enquire why I often have no hair on my forearm. It's not a fashion statement, it's a badge of honour.  It's the result of one of my techniques to calm my anxious clients. Quite often, younger clients have a lot of anxiety about my tools. In order to demonstrate to them that they can't be hurt, I let them shave my arm. 

The SEN Barber's chickens add to a calming experience.

The tranquil & adaptive 'Barber Cave'. Suitable for both adults and children, the 'Barber Cave' is stocked with books and curiosities for all ages to enjoy and find. 

Gary is one of the SEN Barber's regular customers. Gary is autistic, has severe learning difficulties and global development delay. Before coming to the SEN Barber Gary would regularly just have his head shaved. Now he rocks a cool, textured cut that has given him a whole load of new confidence. 

Ben has Hemiparesis down one side of his body, severe learning difficulties, global delay and hearing loss. Visiting a regular barber shop has always been difficult for Ben in the past. Ben enjoys a buzz cut and a shave when he visits the SEN Barber, appreciating the one-to-one service and peaceful environment of the 'Barber Cave'.  

Fades and on trend hairstyles should all be available to people with SEN & Autism. 



Little Charlie getting to grips with Eggbert. Charlie was very anxious before his trim and ten minutes with the little lay-dies, Maggie & Eggbert, helped to settle him down. Maggie and Eggbert even gave Charlie a couple of eggs to go home with. 

Cyrus has Asperger's and has always struggled visiting a conventional barber shop. Having just secured himself a new job, Cyrus made a visit to the SEN Barber to get himself looking office ready.