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Welcome to the contact page.

This is not a fulltime occupation for me. I work for a school 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please bare in  mind that it can be difficult to answer phone calls and emails can be missed as I am exceptionally busy during the week with work and family life. So, please WhatsApp me once you have filled out this form. Thanks!


Please note: My book is currently closed to clients under 8 years of age.


Step 1. Fill out the contact form with details about you or your child. This should include: 1. Age 2. needs  3. experience of haircuts and triggers. Please also include your full postcode so I can give you a price for a mobile haircut. 

Step 2. Text or WhatsApp me that you have sent an email.  

You could also call me on 07903 161 542  but, again, my job and home life keep me very busy and quite often I am unable to answer and talk at depth to discuss appointments and needs. 

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The SEN Barber
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