This page is designed to help you or your child to better understand where you/they will visit and the equipment we are likely to use during your appointment. I recommend showing this social story in the weeks and days leading up to you visit. 





Based at the end of my garden, the Barber Cave is an unashamedly SEN Space. A calming and tranquil environment for you to enjoy your haircut. 



The calm and tranquil surroundings of the Barber Cave. Enjoy a movie, music and beverage while you/your child relax and enjoy a haircut. 







This is the chair where you will sit.






Enjoy a movie of your choice. There is a selection available, however, I would recommend you bring your own. 






These are the clippers we may use for your or your child haircut. They are extremely quiet compared to a regular pair of clippers used in regular barber shops. 






These scissors are specially adapted to provide a much safer cutting experience. 






My name is Kris The SEN Barber.