Catering to individual needs is a major part of the service, which you will not experience anywhere else. There are no other customers waiting, meaning you or your child aren't under pressure or rushed. There isn't the sound of other clippers or conversations taking place. There is no loud music, unless you request it. The SEN Barber also uses specialist equipment for clients who are extremely sensitive to noise.   


The SEN Barber caters solely to those with Special Educational Needs and Autism.

I have personally witnessed young people with SEN being mocked and bullied over their haircuts and for not being on trend. Going to the barbers and looking good should be an experience enjoyed by all. That's exactly what the SEN Barber is all about, making a visit to the barber's a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


For instance, I have clients who like to listen to gentle classical  music while watching a Marvel movie with the volume down. This environment is very difficult to reproduce in a standard barber shop. The SEN Barber is happy to make any environmental changes possible to The Barber Cave in order to make every client have the optimum bespoke experience at an affordable price.