The 'Barber Cave' is an unashamedly Special Educational Needs space.


A dedicated space for adults with SEN & Autism. The 'Barber Cave' is what my clients affectionately call my home-studio.

A converted garage, accessed at the end of my garden, the it has been decorated and kitted out especially to accommodate people with special educational needs. Lighting, music and décor have all been taken into account to provide the ultimate sensory and tranquil  experience. 

The SEN Barber home-studio was set-up to make a calm, intriguing & tranquil environment.


Offering wheelchair access and a soothing sensory experience, using music, light and other environmental aids, that can be altered to cater individual client  and your child's needs, my  home-studio is hopefully a place where young people with SEN & Autism are proud to visit.