There are over 20 Google reviews available for your perusal. Below are a handful from clients and parents.





'I go to the ¬SEN Barber regularly and have enjoyed it every time. He always puts on a film on the portable tv or engages you in a good chat while cutting your hair. He even dims the lights in the room if it is too bright for your eyes. Plus he’ll serve you tea or coffee when you walk in.'




'Please, come here for a haircut if you want a change in visuals. The service is great, the environment is even better and "The Barber Cave" - where you get your hair cut - is so full of culture and items to eyeball that it can keep a fidgety person with ADHD (like myself) still for the entire time. Big fan of the homey feel and the main guy is really easy to talk to!'



'The SEN Barber is amazing! Kris experience of working with special needs showed throughout. My son had a very positive experience of going to the barbers for the first time in years and came had a stunning hair cut! He was comfortable and Kris showed him the equipment he was going to use and allowed him to say whether it was OK or  to loud and offered alternative equipment. I would highly recommend this wonderful service Kris provides.'


'Charlie (6) hates haircuts! But he loved visiting the Barber Cave - a cosy, safe space, perfect for those with sensory needs and/or anxiety. Kris had sent us some photos to show Charlie before our visit and asked about Charlie's likes and dislikes around music, videos and lighting to help him feel safe and in control. Kris was so patient and explained every step, ensuring that Charlie was comfortable with the tools and what he was doing, and adapting if he wasn't. Kris clearly understands kids with SEN, he worked hard to gain and keep Charlie's trust, which is so vital. Charlie got a great haircut and was able to stay so much calmer than I've seen him during a haircut - he was very proud of himself! Best of all, Charlie got to hold a chicken afterwards and get a lovely fresh warm egg, which he thought was amazing! Thank you, Kris, for giving Charlie such a cool cut and a positive experience! We will definitely be back!' 





'Since discovering Kris I wouldn't go anywhere else. I always just asked for a number 1 all over at the barbers, just to get out quickly. With Kris I sometimes take a break halfway through the cut, just to have a chat and a cup of tea.'





'Kris is always really patient. I like it really quiet when I have my haircut. I like to listen to classical music when my hair is cut, and it's hard to find a barbershop that will let you choose your own music.' 




'I travel from South London, because this is like no other barbershop experience. Barbershops are way too noisy & hectic. I love hanging out with the chickens, but I must get through 3 cups of tea during a visit. I couldn't go anywhere else now, this is a service like no other'





'I don't like visiting noisy barbershops, I always feel rushed and never feel like I am understood. I use the mobile service, and my brother gets a haircut too.'