This is what The SEN Barber is all about. Taking a young person with Autism and transforming their hair and their experience of a visit to the barber.

Jon Stock, co-owner of VIPS (, explains why he brings his service users to The SEN Barber every time they need a hair cut.

Hello and welcome to The SEN Barber website.

The SEN Barber is a bespoke barbering service for adults & children (8+) with Autism and additional needs. The service is mobile for children under 12 & adults with Autism are welcome to my home-studio 'The Barber Cave '.


Please check out the 'Things to know' page before filling out the contact form. Thank you.

I pride myself on a level of patience and understanding that is unequaled anywhere else. This is not your typical barbering service. 

Based in Enfield, North London (close to Chase Farm Hospital) the SEN Barber is a bespoke barbering service for those of any age with Special Educational Needs (SEN)& Autism. Catering to North London and the surrounding areas.

If you have personally struggled to visit a traditional barbershop, or have struggled to get your child's hair cut, then the SEN Barber is the service for you.  

Having Autism can mean a trip to the barbers can be very traumatic for a young adult, a child as well as parents. The SEN Barber says 'NO MORE!' 

People with SEN & Autism often attempt to cut their own hair or have an untrained family member cut it for them. They then hide their haircuts under hats and hoodies, fearful that peers will discover their home made mistakes. 

I hope you enjoy the site. If  you are left with any questions or queries , then please get in touch via the contact page or call 07903 161 542 for your free consultation. I operate out of my home-studio, close to Chase Farm Hospital.