Although none of the people below have SEN or Autism, I have been lucky enough to have been called upon to trim and prune some public personalities, musicians, actors and athletes.

Ex Conservative MP for Enfield, Nick de Bois, dropped by to get his hair cut ready for his book launch on Sky News. An absolute gentleman, it was a pleasure to get Nick looking good for his press junket. 

British Masters Athlete, Claire Spurway, dropped by 'Barber Cave' to get herself even more streamlined and aerodynamic. I was more than happy to get her podium perfect. 


Ex Gillingham FC player, Tony Sinclair, took some time out to kick back and relax and enjoy the closest shave money can buy.


When singer/song writer, Matt Steady, was looking for a militaristic look for the cover of his Echoes of Albion album, he turned to the SEN Barber to get himself presentable for any parade. 

Ex Rugby League and Tonga captain, Paul Koloi, made the pilgrimage from South London to the Barber Cave to enjoy a traditional hot towel shave. There can't be too many people who have pulled a blade on a Tongan and lived to tell the tale.

Ex-Malta Rugby star, Tom Webb, sent a call out to the SEN Barber for a trim and traditional hot towel shave in the comfort of his own country garden. 


When you are getting ready to walk across the frozen plains of Svalbard, you want to be carrying as little weight as possible. @Polar_London, aka Barry Payne, man-hauled his way to the Barber Cave to get bad to the bone and shaped-up and looking Viking ready for that Scandinavian freezer.