The Process


I pride myself on a second to none level of service. Please keep in mind getting your child to a place where they are completely comfortable with getting their hair cut could take 2-3 visits. It is a process not  an instant result.

I do not have a magic wand. This is not a one stop service, it is a bespoke service. Every measure is taken to make you or your child feel safe within minutes of your appointment. 

Since the inception of the SEN Barber I have developed a process and techniques which have taken children from anxious and upset to calm and looking forward to getting their hair cut. The timescale is different for everyone, but it works. I will use several tried and tested techniques to get your child to a place where they are happy and content. 

My 10+ years working experience of working with young people with SEN has meant that I have been able develop specialized techniques & approaches that best suit those with sensory sensitivity.  Having worked with young people with SEN in both an educational and work setting, I have learnt which behaviours are likely to trigger a young person's anxieties and ticks. 

This knowledge has allowed me to put together a process that will transition you or your child to the end of their haircut as trouble-free and comfortably as possible.