Hi! My name is Kris. Also known as The SEN Barber.

For me, working with people with Special Educational Needs is both a passion & a calling.

I have worked with young people with Special Educational Needs for over 10 years. First as a teaching assistant, then as a teacher, and most recently as a Job Coach on a supported internship programme, supporting young people with SEN in the workplace. Having worked in such diverse environments and settings, I have always developed strong relationships with those I have worked with. In all this time I have come to one simple conclusion, people with SEN have to truly trust you. And trust is at the very heart of The SEN Barber service. 

In an educational setting I have personally witnessed children being mocked and abused because they have cut their own hair. In my role as a Job Coach I have seen young adults refuse to attend the barbers, even before 'meet and greets' or the first day at their new work placements.

Being a trained barber I decided that I had seen enough. The SEN Barber was born out of necessity. Young people with SEN deserve to not be bullied, and should be able to look their absolute best at school or work.